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 Apprende Private School
436 Valley School Drive, Valley Park, MO 63088        (636) 225-0006

Enroll Now for FALL 2019
begins August 19th

Apprende Summer School & Day Camp starts June 3rd
Summer Activities
Apprende School Day Camp -June 3rd through August 15th attendance can be scheduled by the week, month or summer.  
Your child will enjoy a wide range of summer activities, daily games, and crafts like;
Wild Wind Spinners- Jewelry design
CD Mini-Hover Crafts
Making home made carbon dioxide-CO2
Dry Ice Bubbles
Gigantic Bubble Snake Blower
Lava Lamps -Tie Dying & Duct Tape Crafts
Water Balloon Sports- Egg Carton Helicopters
Clothespin Pinwheel Art
Crafts with Wood and Neon Lanyards
Making Seashell Koalas & Shell Wind Chimes
Construct a Tornado in a Bottle
Egg Snake- Craft Roll Rocket
Science Activities:
Making Water Glow -Balloon Sound Amplifier
Chemical Reaction of Steel Wool & Vinegar
Crystal Activity- Making Snowflake

Go kart building, bike riding, nature hikes, field darts, physical fitness challenge, sports and many more new and exciting activities added everyday!
 APPRENDE has an experienced staff of dedicated professionals, specializing in; Psychology, Education and Child & Family Relations.  We're able to cope with the situations and personal problems that on occasion preoccupy a student's ability to enjoy life or concentrate on academics.
  APPRENDE goes beyond the basics from grade school to college prep offering ACT-SAT drills and AP courses. Our students are provided with the skills necessary to achieve academic success while nurturing each student's emotional and social stability.

Fun projects, games & activities


We offer a wide variety of outdoor activities, games, projects and field trips throughout the summer.  Classes are also available for advanced studies, improving skills or gaining extra credit.

APPRENDE is open the year-around with extended day and after school care. Programs are available to assist with supplemental care and tutoring during school breaks and on holidays. The school program is semester based and typically 21 weeks with a Summer Session of 10 weeks. Extended day schedules available.

Summer Activities  M/F 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

High School Class Hours
Monday through Thursday 9:30AM-2:00 PM.
Elementary Class Hours
Monday through Friday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM.
Preschool Hours- M/F 7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Apprende Goals & Objectives
 The Apprende Philosophy
1) To enjoy the acquisition of knowledge in a safe, non-threatening, progressive learning atmosphere.
2)  To have the security and motivation to experience  a variety of social and academic activities.
3)  To acquire high self-esteem, intellectual thought and responsible decision making.       
4)  To develop creativity through the exposure, understanding and appreciation for the arts.
5)  To recognize the importance of our interactions with nature and the environment emphasizing the necessity for global and cultural awareness.
Summer Fees
Preschool-Kindergarten -$130/week full time
$90/week part time 3 -full days or 5 -½ days.
1st- 8th Grade Activities- $130/week
High School Classes- $130/week M-Th

Multi week discounts. Bring a friend and get a 10% BONUS!

 Microsoft Clip GalleryYou may have seen us on TV in the NICKELODEON -“Nick News” featured our participation in the “Adopt a Highway Program”.

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